Rp Trailers - Took our money and never delivered product

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Beware of RP Trailers llc, (a.k.a.Rodney Powell, Darwin W.

Powell, Mary Powell) Of Wilsonville and Sherwood Oregon!

Do not do business with this company! They will charge you a deposit of thousands of dollars. Then they will not ever build the trailer, answer or return calls, or answer emails. There are numerous claims against RP Trailers, (a.k.a.

Rodney Powell, Darwin Powell, Mary Powell) on the Attorney Generals office, (dept of Justice), and by admission of their own web site they are being investigated for fraud.Save your money and go with a reputable company.

Terrible, terrible company.

Review about: Traliers.


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The law has finally caught up to Rodney.

He has made a plee deal. If he pays people back, he avoids prison.

Although we will be happy to get our money back, it is a shame that he won't be going to prison for his crimes.

If you haven't already filed a complaint with the Dept Of Justice Oregon. Get to it!

Good Luck

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Have never got our money back from him. So I will assume that he is in jail.

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American star fabrication in canby or

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Sounds to me like if you are a criminal, that Oregon is the place to set up shop.The Dept of Justice up there accually said in a very snotty manner, "mam if we prosecuted every criminal our jails would be overflowing"!

Well they, (the criminals) certainly have a freindly work environment to take advantage of people.

We never did get our money back.

We gave them our new address 4 times.They act like it's our fault that we didn't get it, because they are so disfunctional.


seems the only thing that we can do is file a complaint with the Oregon attorny generals website. However they do nothing, and I was told quite rudely that "maam if we prosecuted every criminal our jails would be overflowing"! ??????


No we did not get any resolution. The Legal system in Oregon made it quite clear that they have no interest "what-so-ever" in prosecuting criminals.


I also was taken for a ride. Did you ever get any compesation through the legal system? I'd appreciate a current address on him as I got taken for $3000.

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Did anyone get paid back by this crook??If not, he is BACK IN BIZ!!!!

only now he's American Star Metal Fab. Oregon sec of state website says there in Tigard, but there not. There in a town called Canby and there MAKING TRAILORS AGAIN!!!

Screw a few ppl, get a plee deal, Ignore plee deal, get your biz back!!??Good job convicting this a**hole!!!!!!


try "man shares contractor woes fox 12"

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Good to know

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